Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cowgirl Couture

These boots were made for...well, walking in poop of course. Not quite what Nancy Sinatra had in mind. But what else would you expect me to dress in? I got all gussied up, but had to make a quick stop in the horse paddock...I didn't feel that my stilettos were appropriate in case a quick getaway was in order (you never know if the "girls" are feeling frisky and want to include me in an impromptu game of Tag). Besides, if you've ever walked across a hayfield in pencil-heels, you'll know how they like to sink into the soft ground - not so good for the shoes. Of course my favourite pretty pink shoes were in the car for a quick wardrobe "upgrade"...which I remembered as I was standing in the drive-thru bank machine, with a line of cars behind me. I could see a smirk on the face of the passengers and I realized that my feet were somehow still...comfortable. Definitley not in heels. Oh well, at least I was still colour coordinated. Especially when I did strap on my little pretties and saw that I has still managed to get a nice greenish smear of horsie poop across the toe. *sigh*

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