Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Read All About It!

I'm famous again!

You MUST visit the blog of my *favourite* fabric supplier, Bev from "44th Street Fabric"! I look to her for the fabulous designer fabrics I use in my "Babylove" projects...the only problem is, they carry so much selection I never know what to buy! Because honestly, as much as I'd love to, "one of everything" just isn't cost-effective. *Sigh* Until then, I'll just work my way through her stock, piece by piece.

Bev and I recently did an interview, and you can find it posted on her blog today! If you'd like to learn a bit more about "Babylove by Jackie" and my background, be sure to check it out! And then, browse her'll be sure to find something for your next project, and if you're not a "sewer" you can always tell me your fabric pics for my future projects! I always choose fabrics that I personally like, but never know what my customers may be looking for.


Visit 44th Street Fabric here:

Of course, you'll have to visit my shop as well - new items have been added!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WWJD - "What Would June Do"

There are two eras that I've always felt I could belong...Victorian, and the 1950's. But in all honesty, I'm afraid I may suffocate if forced to actually live in either!

I've always adored the image of the 1950's housewife, and often thought I should strive to be more "June Cleaver-esque". But then I give my head a good shake - I adore the *image*, but in my world, the lifestyle just isn't practical. Was it ever? Did women during this time really uphold their household and family the way they are often portrayed? How was it more possible back then, and not now? More and more often I find myself standing in the middle of my house, feeling like we've been hit by some act of God/natural disaster...I would blame the children for the mess, if I could find them amongst the dirty laundry and dishes...but the sad fact is, I'm just as equally to blame. I have too many distractions, and I think that's what ahs changed most through the decades. In the 1950's, a woman was expected to greet her husband at the door with a cold drink and a hot meal on the table...the children and floors scrubbed to perfection. And that's all. She wasn't expected to contribute financially, her "place" was most often at home. Over the years, we've gained independance, but with "liberation" comes distraction. For example, right now I could (rather, "should") be washing my dishes, and tidying up from the day's adventures. However, I choose to sit at my computer and blog. Ah, yes - the internet...the master of all distractions. Through the day, I could vacuum and dust...but I'll get to that after my show is over on tv. Unless, of course, I decide to load the kids in the car and head off somewhere for the afternoon. These are all things that would not have posed a problem 50-60 years ago. Maybe if I want to at least make it "look" like I've got it all together, I need to simplify my life a little. Be a "stay-at-home-mom" that actually...stays home!
One of my many personal distractions is, as you know, sewing! I recently bought a vintage 1950's apron pattern, and had to try it out this afternoon! My first attempt is shown in the photo above - aprons will soon be available in my Etsy shop! Whether you're a "Domestic Goddess", or just playing "Desperate Housewife", you'll be sure to look the part - heels and pearls optional ;)
Don't those cinnamon buns look yummy? I wish I could share the way my kitchen smells, through my computer. A-MA-ZING! I'll share my recipe in my next post. When all else fails...bake! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Hunted

The Hunter
he came to investigate while I was taking pictures in the front yard

The Hunted

In case you forget me saying it before, I'll say it again - I love living in the country. The peace and quiet, the seclusion, the fresh air...but in the absence of traffic and crazy people (okay, maybe not the crazy people...they seem to thrive out here - for example, the beaver trapper who felt it necessary to knock on my door and interrogate me as to why I locked the neighbour's gate. Um - it's the NEIGHBOUR'S gate.), we still have our fair share of threats and dangers. The most prominent that we've noticed lately, is the wildlife - coyotes to be exact. In real life, these bushy-tailed critters are not quite as gullible as you may remember from "Looney Toons" - they are, however, very wylie. Sneaky. Quiet. In most situations, I would have thought that they would keep to themselves, and I would easily believe the old addage that "they're more afraid of you, than you are of them". I would have thought that they would smell humans and keep their distance. That is, until they started hanging around my back door! Apparently, they've caught a whiff of my little dog, and she smells mighty appetizing. Not sure why, this scrawny little thing is no bigger than a small rabbit, and there's probably better eating in a rat...I mean, she's a Miniature Dachsie! Maybe they have a taste for Oscar Meyer. Regardless, she's now being hunted by at least two different coyotes - and that scares the crap out of me. These creatures that should be keeping their distance in the bush, have been crouching in the grass outside my back door waiting for us to take the dog out...have you ever had to "bear arms", just to take your dog out for a pee? It's not ideal. I'm pretty sure he's been marking his territory (ie. MY territory), because Myah is afraid to go outside and when she's out there her nose never leaves the ground - unless she finds a particularly interesting smell, and feels the need to roll in it to bask in the aroma. And if they'll go after my dog, what about my children? They'll at least run in the opposite direction of me, but I'm afraid that these opportunistic hunters may see a small child as a tasty snack. So I now have a love-hate relationship with my surroundings. I love everything that the country has to offer, but hate that I am afraid to take my children outside to enjoy it.

After doing some research, it turns out that coyote numbers in my area are rising, and bounties and campaigns to cull them don't seem to have an effect; in some instances, their numbers have climbed higher after being hunted. There's also a pretty good chance that these particular animals are a hybrid mix between a coyote and an eastern wolf - which would explain why they appear larger than normal. Coyotes are highly adaptable opportunistic feeders, and will eat anything from apples to deer, and will become specialized in hunting animals that are abundant in their territory (which can range hundreds of kilometers). I'm wondering if this year has been hard on their normal food sources, as a hungry coyote will become more bold and venture into riskier situations - they'll do anything to get food. Even a chain-link fence will pose as no more than an inconvenient obstable, because it can easily be climbed. A few suggestions, if you find yourself living with coyotes:

- don't leave garbage or pet food in your yard
- don't compost meat products
- install motion-sensor lighting

- don't leave pets and small children unattended

- erect a solid wooden fence, at least 6-8ft high

I don't think so. I can keep my garbage picked up, but I am certainly not going to build a barracade around my house. But what if that's my only solution? After our last encounter, I blurted out that I couldn't live like this, and wouldn't live here if I couldn't keep my family safe. Irrational, yes. But I just don't know what to do! Have any of you ever been in this situation? Has your area imposed any sort of program to control the coyote (or any wildlife) population? They say that the coyote population is cyclical, and will "bust and boom"...I'm hoping that a "bust" is in the near future...or that these sneaky hunters will meet a different type of "boom".


Monday, August 3, 2009

"As Seen on GGC..."

I'm standing in the spotlight, basking in my 15 minutes of fame! Well, sort of. One of my little pillowcase dresses is getting the attention, not me directly. But I'm okay with that!

A little while back, I contacted my most favourite of all Mom-Bloggers, Rebecca Woolf of "Girl's Gone Child" ( ), and "Straight From the Bottle" ( seriously, check her out!). If you're a fan of "Momversation", you'll no doubt recognize her as one of the regular panelists. She's a mom of two, author, married to a producer in L.A...She's a real, tell-it-like-it-is, no sugar coating type of mom - and I crave what she has to say! She always hits home, no matter her topic - she has a way of reaching her audience by reminding us that we're all human and going through the same experiences. I can't get enough!

So, anyway - a while back, I emailed her to let her know about my new Babylove shop ( - I swear I'll learn to do a proper link one of these days...), and offered to send her one of my dresses. Her little girl, Fable, is 10 months of adorable - and this kid has a droolworthy wardrobe. Readers are always commenting on what she's wearing, and asking where they can find it... Rebecca kindly accepted my offer, and I shipped one of my dresses off to "LA-LA Land"! She offered to take a picture of Miss Fable wearing my dress, and link to my shop!

Well ladies, today is the day! If you visit "Girls Gone Child" today, you'll see Fable proudly modeling her "Babylove" dress! Stunning, if I do say so myself ;) Traffic to my shop has been great today - lots of people have added me to their list of "favourites", and one sale so far, but the day is young...I'm hopeful for more!

Thanks again Rebecca for this opportunity! :)