Monday, August 3, 2009

"As Seen on GGC..."

I'm standing in the spotlight, basking in my 15 minutes of fame! Well, sort of. One of my little pillowcase dresses is getting the attention, not me directly. But I'm okay with that!

A little while back, I contacted my most favourite of all Mom-Bloggers, Rebecca Woolf of "Girl's Gone Child" ( ), and "Straight From the Bottle" ( seriously, check her out!). If you're a fan of "Momversation", you'll no doubt recognize her as one of the regular panelists. She's a mom of two, author, married to a producer in L.A...She's a real, tell-it-like-it-is, no sugar coating type of mom - and I crave what she has to say! She always hits home, no matter her topic - she has a way of reaching her audience by reminding us that we're all human and going through the same experiences. I can't get enough!

So, anyway - a while back, I emailed her to let her know about my new Babylove shop ( - I swear I'll learn to do a proper link one of these days...), and offered to send her one of my dresses. Her little girl, Fable, is 10 months of adorable - and this kid has a droolworthy wardrobe. Readers are always commenting on what she's wearing, and asking where they can find it... Rebecca kindly accepted my offer, and I shipped one of my dresses off to "LA-LA Land"! She offered to take a picture of Miss Fable wearing my dress, and link to my shop!

Well ladies, today is the day! If you visit "Girls Gone Child" today, you'll see Fable proudly modeling her "Babylove" dress! Stunning, if I do say so myself ;) Traffic to my shop has been great today - lots of people have added me to their list of "favourites", and one sale so far, but the day is young...I'm hopeful for more!

Thanks again Rebecca for this opportunity! :)

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