Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Twilight...Minus the Fangs

Austin and Grandpa

***First of all - my apologies...one of the downfalls to living in the country, means having a sllloowww dial-up internet connection. Blogger and I are having "issues" at the moment, so this post/pictures are pretty disorganized...stay tuned for a 2nd installment of more pictures!***

We were presented with a plaque

Four generations being introduced, all have lived and worked on the farm.
Dreamer and Classy watched from a distance.
Angela and Amber, overseeing the festivities.

Pull up a bale and grab a plate!

Cars and trucks lined the laneway, and filled the barnyard.

Fun was had by all generations.

Come on in! glad you got here early, it'll be hard to find a parking spot soon! Don't worry, the only vampires likely to make an appearance are the mosqitoes; hope you brought your bug spray, they're nasty this year!

A while back, I mentioned that the farm would be hosting a big event...after months of hard work and preparation, the big evening finally arrived! On July 9th, we hosted the annual "Twilight Meeting" for our county's Holstein organization. The get-together is appropriately named, as it begins when the sun starts to fade...not because it has anything to do with the popular book/movie series. As the colours of the sunset brightened, the farm became host to approximately 200 guests - fellow dairy farmers and their families from throughout the county, as well as some visitors from surrounding areas. All gathered for an evening of food, friends and fun - a great opportunity for us to showcase our cattle and facilities! We are proud of the hard work that is put into the farm and our herd, and it was nice to be able to share with everyone. The evenings activities consisted of a generous BBQ dinner, musical entertainment, farm tours (including a tractor/wagon ride!), "Farmer's Olympics" for the 4-H kids, and we finished off with both a silent and live auction; where else could you expect to buy "the champagne of semen"?! Yes, that's right - I said semen. I was sure to wander around and take some pictures - from what I could tell, fun was had by all and the evening was a great success!

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