Thursday, February 26, 2009


My little baby girl turned TWO on Tuesday. I keep asking myself where the past two years have gone, because they seem like a complete blur - this past year in particular. While I was pregnant with Austin, and since he's been born, the time has disappeared in the blink of an eye. In a way, I feel like Abigayle has been cheated of some of my love and attention, while my time has once again been consumed by nursing, burping, diaper changing, soothing...not so long ago she was my one and only baby, and my time was reserved for her. In the past TWO years, I've had TWO babies - wow, talk about a life change!

She really is growing up before my eyes! Every day she's mastered a new skill, or blurts out an unexpected word. I think back to when she was born, and was a helpless (though determined!) little babe in my arms - and flash forward to now, two years later. She's not a baby anymore - she's a full-blown toddler! Toddler. That feels so strange to say - I think I'm in denial. She can't have reached toddler-hood already. But here we are, in our "terrible-two's"...tantrums, power struggles, testing physical and (mommy's) intellectual boundaries! She's still just as determined and defiant as the day she was born, just on a larger scale.

I've been sappy and sentimental...I'm an emotional girl, what can I say? But we did have some fun, too! On Tuesday night, we had our family over for dinner. Abigayle partied the night away surrounded by the people who love her most - what better way to celebrate your Birthday? There was lots of food, cake, and of course presents! The theme of the night seemed to be "Cinderella", her latest obsession - she's her Mommy's girl, believing in fairy tales already!

I do miss the baby we brought home from the hospital, soft, pink and tiny. But I love the little lady she's turning into, just as much and moreso; each new change and accomplishment is something more to love! Last night, my rambunctious little cinderella asked if we could snuggle on the couch - how could I resist? We curled up with a cozy blanket and she fell asleep in my arms - until we carried her to her big girl bed, she was my little baby for just a little bit longer.

Happy Birthday Peanut! I can't wait to see what trouble we can get into in the year ahead :)

I Love You! xxoo

Weigh-In Wednesday...yes, I know it's Thursday.

Good Morning! Procrastinating, and behind as usual, here are my Wednesday Weigh-In stats...which were actually recorded on Monday, and now being posted on still with me?

Week #1: 137 lbs
Week #2: 133.8 lbs - 3.2 lbs lost
Week #3: 132.8 lbs - 1 lb lost/ 4.2 lbs total loss
Week #4: 131 lbs - 1.8 lbs lost/ 6.0 lbs total loss
Weeks #5 and 6 (combined): 129 lbs - 2 lbs lost/8 lbs total loss!

A couple of mini-celebrations...
- I have now lost more than 5% of my total starting body weight
- I was able to wear jeans that have never fit because they were too small ( hand-me-downs that I saved for "someday")
- I had to poke a new hole in my belt
- while trying on bridesmaid's dresses, the shop owner called me a "skinny little thing", and most of the samples were too big
- and my proudest accomplishment...while grocery shopping, I walked RIGHT PAST a bin full of temptation (aka. the evil but oh so delectable Cadbury Cream Egg...mmm, chocolatey gooey goodness), and DIDN'T BUY ANY!!! Hooray for willpower! :)

And a couple of slips...
- Tuesday night I "accidentally" forgot to record my points and ate lasagna, caeser salad, garlic bread, and cake w/icing. It was my little girl's birthday, and I decided to indulge a bit. BUT - I made lower-fat versions of the lasagna and caerser salad, and I still ate sensible portions.

Next week...a comparison picture, maybe?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Join the Revolution!

Because Monday was "Family Day" here in Ontario (a silly new stat-but-not-quite-stat holiday...weird), we didn't have our Weight Watchers meeting, so I won't have any updates to report until next week! But, in lieu of "Weigh-In Wednesday", I thought I would make a post that focuses on positive body image. My friend, "Liberty Post Editor" posted this on her blog yesterday, and I love it!

It's called the "Red Shoe Revolution", and I'd love for you to join me. I really couldn't say it any better than it was first written, so *pretty please* read here :

Basically - as women, we need to love our bodies, and not accept criticizm from others. You don't need to live up to the waif-thin image that society has placed on a pedestal - love "you" for who you are! I know that this is a bit of an ironic post, from someone who is trying to change her body image by losing weight. But there are so many things, "imperfections", if you will, that I love about my body, and wouldn't dare change!

*I love my stretch marks - they may spread across my belly like a road map, but they document a beautiful road travelled - pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time in my life when I had never felt more beautiful and proud of my body. I'm still amazed that I was able to create such beaty and perfection as my babies!

* I love the scar just below my right knee. It is a reminder of a surgery that I had a few years ago, and the strength I found in myself during the recovery period. It was the most difficult thing I've experienced physically, and I'm proud of myself for the determination I had to get through my physiotherapy.

* I love the scar on my abdomen from my cesarean sections. It will be a constant reminder of the day my children entered this world, and the love that I found on those days.

* I love the scar that remains from my belly-button piercing. When I see it, I am reminded of my teenage years and the fun I had. A time when I wasn't ashamed to bare my midriff - I'm working hard to get back there.

* I love the scar and the bump on the left side of my nose, that I got when I broke my nose on my 16th birthday. It was a bit of a hard day, because I was away from my family - but I still had a great time because I was surrounded by friends. I also learned that day, that downhill skiing would never be my forte!

* I love the freckles that sprinkle my nose and cheeks in the summer. They make me feel cute, and more unique.

I could go on and on - I have lots of little things that some may see as flaws, but they make me who I am - and I *Love* Me!

So come along and join me in this revolution - post this lovely image on your blog, and pledge your undying love for Yourself! Take that, society! :P

Hey, if it has anything to do with "shoes", I'm in! ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Cake Day is finally here! Happy Birthday to Me :) I'm officially old. Absolutely ancient, you might say. Right up there with the "Care Bears" and "My Little Pony" - two of my favourite childhood friends who also share a Birthday this year...we have now been around for a whole quarter of a century!

This is a picture that my Mom put together for me, and was in my email inbox this morning - thanks Mommy!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesdays

Some of you know that I've recently joined Weight Watchers, to get rid of a few extra pounds that have refused to budge for the past couple of years. My friend Kate is also in the same battle, and has decided to post a weekly weigh-in on her blog - I've decided that I need the same accountability, to help keep me motivated. Thanks for the inspiration, Kate! :)

Now, I'm not trying to lose a HUGE amount...I've been told by some that I shouldn't be trying to lose weight at all. I need those of you to understand that it's important for me to feel happy with my body's been too long since I've felt comfortable in my own skin, I need to be "me" again.

I've been with Weight Watchers for 3 weeks now, and I'm LOVING it! This is the one program that seems legitimate, as it focuses on an entire lifestyle change, rather than a quick gimmick. I am breastfeeding, so my plan is altered a bit to include extra calories. The best part - I am eating constantly, I'm never hungry, and...I'm actually losing weight! I like that nothing is "forbidden" - I can eat whatever I like, as long as it's a sensible portion. My favourite so far - a peanut butter banana breakfast shake, Mmmm!

Okay, now for the numbers...

Starting weight - 137 lbs
5% weightloss goal - 6.5 lbs
10% weightloss goal - 13 lbs
My overall goal - 12o lbs (for now...we'll see how comfortable I am as I go along)

My journey so far...

Week #1: 137 lbs
Week #2: 133.8 lbs - 3.2 lbs lost
Week #3: 132.8 lbs - 1 lb lost/ 4.2 lbs total loss
Week #4: 131 lbs - 1.8 lbs lost/ 6.0 lbs total loss

I'll check back each week, and post my progress! My meetings are actually on Monday nights, but since I'm the biggest procrastinator you'll ever meet, I figure it's probably more realistic for me to remember to post by stay tuned for my "Weigh-In Wednesdays"!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pretty in Pink

I've told you that I love all things pink and girly, right? And occasionally do things that my husband sees as unconventional and odd. Well, this is the scene that he came home to last night - seems pretty normal to me, but he thought I belonged in an episode of "Desperate Housewives". This is me, cooking my pink bathrobe...wearing my favourite pair of pretty pink stilettos...while wearing my little man in my Moby Wrap (he doesn't seem to mind the feminine shade of lilac). Of course Abigayle was "helping" by playing a game at my feet. You may also notice my lovely pink cannisters on the counter, my pink cutting board, measuring cups, spoons, mixing bowl, and salt/pepper shakers. What you can't see are my pink frying pans, colander, spatulas, oven mitts and serving trays. And Ted probably wouldn't admit that he makes his toast every morning in my Cinderella toaster...the knob is a cute pink heart, it toasts the sillouette of shoes on your bread, and plays a lovely waltz when it pops up!