Thursday, February 26, 2009

Weigh-In Wednesday...yes, I know it's Thursday.

Good Morning! Procrastinating, and behind as usual, here are my Wednesday Weigh-In stats...which were actually recorded on Monday, and now being posted on still with me?

Week #1: 137 lbs
Week #2: 133.8 lbs - 3.2 lbs lost
Week #3: 132.8 lbs - 1 lb lost/ 4.2 lbs total loss
Week #4: 131 lbs - 1.8 lbs lost/ 6.0 lbs total loss
Weeks #5 and 6 (combined): 129 lbs - 2 lbs lost/8 lbs total loss!

A couple of mini-celebrations...
- I have now lost more than 5% of my total starting body weight
- I was able to wear jeans that have never fit because they were too small ( hand-me-downs that I saved for "someday")
- I had to poke a new hole in my belt
- while trying on bridesmaid's dresses, the shop owner called me a "skinny little thing", and most of the samples were too big
- and my proudest accomplishment...while grocery shopping, I walked RIGHT PAST a bin full of temptation (aka. the evil but oh so delectable Cadbury Cream Egg...mmm, chocolatey gooey goodness), and DIDN'T BUY ANY!!! Hooray for willpower! :)

And a couple of slips...
- Tuesday night I "accidentally" forgot to record my points and ate lasagna, caeser salad, garlic bread, and cake w/icing. It was my little girl's birthday, and I decided to indulge a bit. BUT - I made lower-fat versions of the lasagna and caerser salad, and I still ate sensible portions.

Next week...a comparison picture, maybe?

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