Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Grass is Always Greener...

"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence..." - isn't that what they always say? I just thought I'd give you a view of my side of the fence; where the grass is always greener...it may not be mowed, and is usually spattered with dandilions, but life is always good!

So just who am I, and why is my life so fabulous, you may ask? Well, I suppose I owe you an explanation. I am the wife of a 3rd generation Dairy farmer, and we live in the beautiful countryside of Ontario, Canada. We have a gorgeous young family - a 2yr old daughter, and a 2 month old son. I am blessed to spend every day here at home, watching my children grow and seeing what misadventures we can get into! With potty training, learning new words, and testing boundaries (and consequences...), life is never boring! Now don't be mistaken, although I am a wife and mother, don't confuse me with the typical image of "the farmer's wife". Do I bake cookies and pies? The best of course (if you're lucky, I may share a recipe or two), but you can bet I'll be sporting my "Princess" apron and hot pink oven mitts. Do I help out in the barn? Occasionally, but only if I can be in my pretty pink rubber boots and purple work gloves, sized just right for my tiny hands - it would be a shame if I chipped my sparkly nail polish. Of course I usually cause my husband to shake his head in confusion (and possibly frustration), and this description may be reminding you of a certain "Lisa Douglas", but I assure you - I'm not that wealthy!

I'm hoping that I'll be able to give you just a taste of what life is like out here...a country mile from the middle of nowhere. So come along and join me, the coffe is always on - can you smell those gooey chocolate chip cookies in the oven? Watch your step for cow pies, be careful not to step on that Barbie doll, and I hope you don't mind if the dog curls up in your lap! Even though the grass is currently buried under a foot of snow, I promise that it is a lovely shade of emerald on my side of the fence - why would I need to look any further? Well...maybe just a peek...


  1. I can just picture you in your pink rubber boots and purple work gloves tossing hay and shovelin' shit! Looking forward to peeking over your side of the fence!

  2. I look forward to reading about your adventures on the other side of the fence. I miss the days of living on a farm and would love to be there again...those were good days!

  3. I can't wait to see photos of you in those pink boots and by the way...you are an excellent writer. Best of luck with you new blog. You are going to love this world so, so much! Liberty Post Editor xo

  4. Just how green is that grass now? And how much snow is it under? That Canadian air has visited us down here and as far as I'm concerned that arctic air can stay in Canada!

    I'm so happy you are blogging. I can't wait to see pics of the kids, horses, you, and of course, Myah.

    I'll reply to your facebook message here. I can just picture Ted's face when he saw Austin in a pink bib. It's so much easier to hand down boy to girl, then girl to boy. My parents still have their doxie, he just turned 10. He loves the little ones.

  5. Can't wait to follow you on your blogging adventures. Sounds like loads of fun.
    Looking forward to seeing your next post!

  6. hi there my name is david, your image is being used on POf (plenty of fish) are you aware of that?