Saturday, January 31, 2009

Splish Splash!

Yesterday was a cold, blustery, day that just seemed to drag on. You know, the type where you feel like you're cooped up inside while the walls are closing in aroud you...I was going stir crazy, trapped in here with a defiant toddler (who was insistant on refolding my laundry, and practicing a gymnastics routine on the back of my sofa) and a tiny dictator who was not happy unless being cuddled. Sometimes I wish I could demand someone cuddle me for a while. After we had eaten dinner, everyone started to wind down for the night and I decided it was my turn escape for a little while. My absolute favourite way to relax is in a nice, hot bubble bath; while buying new fixtures for our bathroom I was sure to get an enormous soaker tub, my one little luxury. I had drawn myself a bath and couldn't wait to immerse myself in its' steamy, bubbly goodness. I put in my favourite bath salts - collected from the Dead Sea, to soak away my tired muscles. I dimmed the lights and lit a delicious sugar-cookie scented aromatherapy candle. I closed the bathroom door, slipped into the tub, closed my eyes and proceeded to relax. When I opened them again, I had to giggle. I was having a little slice of "Me Time", but I still couldn't escape...while I was filling the tub, my little girl decided that she would help me out. Thinking that the bath was for her (and QUITE disappointed that it wasn't!), she had dumped in her entire basket of bath toys - I was too tired to bother removing them before I got in, and now I was surrounded. My candlelight was flickering on 8 rubber ducks, 3 frogs, a dolphin, a lobster, a starfish, numerous fish and a little blue thing that I couldn't quite identify. Just a reminder that no matter what I'm doing, I'm always a Mommy!