Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Half-Birthday!

6 months. SIX months have gone by since Austin joined our little family. Half a year. Where on earth has the time gone? Before I was a mom, I swear I didn't know it was possbile for time to feel like an instant and an eternity, all at once. In six months...

-Austin joined us on a cold November morning

- the day we brought him home from the hospital, his Papa had a heart-attack. I guess his heart was so full of happiness to finally have a boy in the family, that he just couldn't contain it anymore...

- his Nana and Papa both quit smoking (so PROUD of you, guys!)

- first smiles (4wks)

- struggled with weight-gain (just like his big sister)

- started sleeping through the night (by about 8wks, I think)

- first rolls (about 18wks)

- made strange with Papa for a while - I think he's finally realized he's not so scary

- started first solid foods (so far we've had rice, oat, and wheat cereals)

- started wearing diapers that are only 1 size smaller than his 2yr old sister's

- yet still fits nicely in size 3-6 month clothes

- his Mommy has lost about 17-18lbs

- finally starting to develop a bit of a nap "scedule"

- being bothered by his teeth, but they haven't made an appearance yet

- has celebrated his first Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's Day, and Easter

I'm sure there have been more firsts, but having two children to keep track of now, my poor brain is a little fuzzy. Not that it wasn't before, I just have an excuse now :)

Happy "Half-Birthday" my Little Bubba! I can't wait for all of the "firsts" that are yet to come.

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