Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Close Encounters of the "Turd" Kind

I've come to the sad realization that as a Mom, my life revolves around poop. I'm either cleaning it up, wishing one wouldn't go so much, or wishing the other would hurry up and do it. The day we are potty trained will be a *glorious* day, as Abigayle doesn't seem to have any problems with having a dirty diaper. She seems to enjoy wallowing in it, which makes me gag by the time I find the source of the repulsive odor wafting from her direction. And then there's Austin - We're supplementing him with formula right now, and this can...slow things up a bit. He's just gone a 3 day stretch with no "movement" so to speak...and then it happened. An almighty eruption...3 minutes before I was supposed to be walking out the door (and *almost* on time - a rare occurence). But instead of being upset that I was (once again) going to be late - I found myself quite excited, and cheering him on - I was cheering for poop, and I'm ashamed to say I think it was the highlight of my day; good grief, the things a mother will get excited about. And when it becomes perfectly normal dinner conversation between yourself and your husband - "So how was your day, honey?" "Well, as a matter of fact..." - you know that all table etiquette has gone down the proverbial crapper. The glamorous life of a Mom. What can I say, other than..."Shit Happens"! And if it doesn't, just mix a little squirt of corn syrup into a bottle of formula. Cheers!


  1. Shit happens alright. It happens EVERYWHERE!

    Hope you made it out of the house LOL!

  2. This entry really made me chuckle, I finally checked out your award, you'll have to go see!

  3. That is too funny. I've never heard of the corn syrup trick. Good idea! xo