Sunday, March 29, 2009

Come on, Summer!

I'm accessorized and waiting! I'll be feeling like Barbie, sporting my new hot pink purse, and rhinestone-studded sunglasses. Love em!

I may need to wear the glasses to mask the brightness of the least I wont be lost in a crowd!


  1. When I was in Toronto on the weekend, I actually saw a Barbie brand clothing store... life sized barbie clothes...all for you!

  2. i just bought a purse almost the same colour!! maybe even brighter pink! i love it! mark on the other hand said it looks like a hooker purse, hahaha. but i've gotten compliments everywhere i go about it! i love yours too!

  3. Amanda - WHA?! Lifesized Barbie clothes?! I swear that was my childhood dream. Methinks I may need to take a fieldtrip...

    Aries - How would Mark know what a hooker's purse looks like? I didn't know we had a red light district in Grey County, lol! I'm sure yours is just as adorable as mine! :)